Biography and History

Lavender Fresh Farm is a young farm (founded April 1, 2021). Founder and owner Richard Gillispie was inspired to create a lavender farm to feed his honeybees. In his research to grow the best lavender, he learned that growing lavender could be fun and that lavender could be used for more than feeding honeybees. He enrolled in college level lavender courses and read research papers on lavender... and as his knowledge of lavender grew, so did his ideas on what a lavender farm could be.

As Richard's plantings of lavender expanded, so did the excitement spread throughout the family. Richard’s three children (Heather, Nathan, and Ryan) began working in the fields and also experimenting with making lavender products.  

honeybees on lavender

Environmental Policy

Lavender Fresh Farm has always had a strong environmental policy, principally aimed at reducing our impact on the environment.
We currently do the following:
  • Compost all biodegradable waste.
  • Sterilize/disinfect pots and trays and production beds between each batch of plants.
  • Recycle – pots and trays past their life, polythene of all types, metal, cardboard, junk mail.
  • We have our own solar generation plant on the farm so that we maximize green energy.