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Victoria's Lavender

Healing Lip Balm

Healing Lip Balm

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Not your ordinary lip balm, this one is 1/2 oz. which is three times larger than typical lip balms! Big enough to be used as a healing/moisturizing stick anywhere on your skin. Available in 6 fragrances.

Victoria Farms on this extraordinary lip and body balm:

"Customers have been asking for years for us to create a Healing Lip Balm.

Our goals in creating a lip balm worthy of being in our line were:

Simple ingredients
• natural
• effective
• locally sourced
• unique

After much testing we think we have nailed it! Our healing lip balm features the amazing moisturizing Meadowfoam seed oil sourced right here in the Willamette Valley along with beeswax, vitamin E, and essential oils. We have a lip balm that is not only unique but fabulous.

It’s not just a lip balm! It can be used anywhere on the skin – dry or irritated spots, etc. The lavender healing lip balm is especially effective when used to help induce sleep and as a first aid."

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